Mobile Apps Developer Singapore

Mobile Apps Developer Singapore
Mobile Apps Developer Singapore

Mobile Apps Developer Singapore

There are many mobile apps developers in Singapore, but the best is arguably 3A Marketing Solution. Why is that so?

The use of mobile apps in business is a relatively new phenomenon. The first iPhone was only released in 2007, and it took a couple of years before smartphones became mainstream in most of the developed world, including Singapore. Hence, most mobile apps developers in Singapore have started business from the year 2010 onwards, meaning the industry is barely 5 years old.

Mobile Apps Developer Singapore

In the initial days of developing mobile apps, a developer had to write the coding from scratch, requiring many man-hours of tedious work and hence charging exorbitant fees for customized mobile apps development. This could range from $10,000 to $20,000 for developing a single mobile app. Effectively, when you paid a Singapore mobile apps developer to create an app for your company, you were paying for their staff costs!

Mobile Apps Developer Singapore- 2015

Fast forward to 2015, and things are looking somewhat different. While mobile apps are still important for marketing your business online, 3A Marketing Solution has armed itself with the most advanced technologies worldwide to create mobile apps quickly and affordably. This means that, mobile apps are no longer out of reach for the small business owner in Singapore. You can create a mobile app for your company from an affordable price of just $510!

These days, mobile apps development can include many functions and features. From custom ordering and pick-up systems for a laundry company, to promotions by a retail shop, to integration with social media and corporate website, to just general branding and awareness for your company, all these can be done at a fraction of the cost!

Mobile Apps Developer Singapore- Push Notifications

Furthermore, the mobile apps would enable you to send push notifications to your audience, bypassing Singapore’s strict DNC regulations (which cover SMS messages and phone calls only). You can leverage this advantage to reach out to your clients and prospects, updating them about latest happenings, launches and offers.

To get started with the best mobile apps developer Singapore, feel free to contact us today!

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