Website Design for PIC Grant in Singapore

Website Design for PIC Grant in Singapore
Website Design for PIC Grant in Singapore

Singapore Website Design- Grants

If you run a business in Singapore, you may be eligible for a government grant for engaging website design services.

The Productivity & Innovation Credit or PIC Scheme was introduced by the Singapore Government in 2010 to encourage businesses in Singapore to improve their productivity and innovate their business processes. The main benefit of the PIC scheme is up to 400% tax deductions or 60% cash pay-outs for investments made in any of the six qualifying activities.

Website Design Singapore PIC Grant

One of the six qualifying activities is investments in IT and automation equipment, which includes website design, web server rentals and certain web related services.

Other than purchasing the relevant equipment or service, businesses are also required to be employing at least three local employees in order to be eligible for the PIC government grant. Naturally, many Singapore companies would want to engage services such as corporate website design for the sole purpose of claiming the PIC grant.

However, this is highly discouraged, as all applications are screened on a case-by-case basis to ensure a genuine business interest and demonstrate significant improvement in business processes. For example, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), which administers the PIC grant, might require an applicant company to state how the solution purchased would improve the company operations.

3A Corporate Website Design Singapore

At 3A Marketing Solution, we are firm believers in using online marketing platforms to reduce your business cost, while increasing your reach to more people. If you are looking for government grants in Singapore, we are able to provide services such as corporate website design and mobile application development, which are in the qualifying list for the PIC scheme.

Our corporate website design services are tailored to improve the productivity and streamline operations of Singapore businesses. For example, one key feature of our websites is the Contact Form with a database access. This allows your visitors to contact you easily, without writing down a phone number! Moreover, you will also be able to easily view all your contact messages in a Database table.

Another important feature is our mobile friendly website design. With mobile traffic increasing in recent years, it is imperative for Singapore companies to have mobile responsive websites. However, many companies still maintain old website designs, which tend to be messy and have small fonts when viewing in mobile devices.

Singapore Web Design and PIC

If you wish to get started with a mobile-friendly, corporate website design and web hosting, and how you may qualify for a government grant, feel free to contact us today!

Note: All government grant applications are subject to approval by the relevant authorities. In the event of doubt, feel free to contact the relevant government department for clarification!

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