Why responsive web design is a small business must-have

Why responsive web design is a small business must-have
Why responsive web design is a small business must-have

Curated from: BizCommunity.com, 2 June 2015

Small businesses need a responsive website design.

Although small businesses recognise the need to be competitive, and that having a website will provide that for them, they may not understand just how important it is to have a website that is responsive. Here we will look at just what responsive web design is and how important it is for any business, but especially for a small business looking to compete in a corporate world.

What exactly is responsive web design?

The easiest way to explain what responsive web design means is simply to say that it is a way in which your site can be viewed across a wide range of devices. This means that the user doesn’t have to scroll and move about on the display because the pages are automatically adjusted based on the type of device being used. This most often impacts mobile phone users. A responsive site is designed in such a way that there is no human interaction necessary. Your mobile phone sends data to the server that issues an automatic command that shows the content best suited for your device.

The importance of responsive sites

The primary reason for responsive design is to improve the user experience. However, Google has recently updated their algorithms and if your site isn’t mobile-optimised, it will be ignored by the search engines. What does this mean in terms of a small business? It means that users will not find your pages on organic searches and that equates to a business loss. If they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you! It’s really that simple. The unfortunate aspect of this is that most local searches are conducted on a mobile device. This means that you really need to focus on a mobile user experience. In other words, a responsive web design is a must.

Hints and workarounds in responsive design

Now then, there are ways in which you can work around these obstacles. The first way is to make sure that key pages are responsive. Google will not totally ignore your whole website, just those pages that are not mobile-friendly. Also, they will not be ignored when someone is searching from a desktop PC. So then, if budget is an issue at the moment, at least have some of your pages optimised so that you are visible in the mobile SERPs (search engine results pages). This is only a temporary fix but it will enable you to get found for key products and services.

If small businesses have any hope of competing in a world of large corporations, they need to be competitive. This means that they need to be visible and responsive web design is a vital component. Google is only a part of the problem, even if they hadn’t changed their algorithms, mobile users just click off pages they can’t view. To increase organic traffic and generate new business, you must be found. With more and more people searching via mobile phones, this should be a prime consideration. This is why responsive web design is a small business must-have.

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